Where I used to accent my food shopping list with a couple farmers’ market finds, this summer we joined a CSA and I’ve hauled home my allotment (and then some) of produce and dairy from Waverly Market every week. As a result, my daily trips to the Super Fresh have ceased, and we’ve fallen into a happy rhythm of eating whatever treats the harvest brings in each Saturday. Like the grasshopper, however, I have put up no stores for the winter, so we’re either going to endure some very long months of potatoes and cabbage, or endure grocery store tomatoes come January. Luckily, we really like potatoes and cabbage.

It’s the bean stall that really seems to keep you on your seasonal toes, however (I still can’t believe I missed the last week of peas, and therefore my last chance at another batch of crushed peas with smokey sesame dressing!). This week, October Beans showed up (I had no idea what they were, but they were too pretty to resist), and there was another shot at fresh limas. Kate, if I was your hostess, I hope that you’d be a convert after tasting this dip. Cooked limas, a couple garlic cloves, juice of a lemon, handful of fresh dill, some cumin/curry spice combo to taste and a good dollop of  tomatillo salsa to kick in some heat without overpowering the crisp, fresh tastes of the other ingredients. Finish with a good glug of olive oil, process, process, process…and it was very had to put the lid on the dish and safely save it for tomorrow’s picnic.