The problem was this: When I decided to whip up* two of these compact, portable-looking focaccia breads to take along on a road trip as a gift to our hostess, I thought that the grapes I had in the fridge were seedless.

So there I was, reading about how good these are with a nice wine, contemplating how much our friends enjoy wine and hoping the bread would keep all fresh and pretty until tomorrow when we arrived. After setting the dough out to rise on the counter, I read through the comments on the recipe page and felt a little sad for all the people who actually did not buy seedless grapes and had to stand at the kitchen counter for who knows how long** and pick them out with a pairing knife. And then I sliced my first grape…

…and I most definitely spied a seed. Two, actually!

Alas, it seems to have been worth it in the end. I’ve got two lovely looking focaccia drizzled with oil and sprinkled with salt and sugar and grapes and rosemary. The house smells of Italy.*** Now my only issue is how not to devour them both before tomorrow.


*I have never, ever, in my entire kitchen history, been able to just “whip up” anything. Why I thought this would be my lucky day, I cannot explain.

**Now, I do know: about 20 minutes to leisurely slice and de-seed 1.5 cups.

***Or at least the Italy of my imagination.